EURO 2012 in Ukraine. environmental standards

Several years of preparation for the Euro 2012 Football Championship have lead to dramatic environmental decline of the city. We call UEFA to take Kharkiv negative experience into account and do their best not to make preparations for the following Championships the reason of ruining the environment of the receiving cities.

On November 20 our organization started the petition on the site Care2 ( The endeavour to protect our community landscapes has been supported by citizens of 58 countries.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
We appreciate your support and attention to the problem of the destruction of Kharkiv`s green areas before holding the final of EURO 2012!
All signatures will be sent to UEFA's Director of Communications, Alexandre Fourtoy and UEFA Events SA Operations Director Martin Kallen

16. 02. 2012
The fans of Euro 2012 will see instead of Kharkov a scorching treeless concrete desert.

Moskovskiy Prospekt Ave. Day second. We are offered prospects of the full unloading of the city from trees.

To annihilate the verdured dividing strip of the Moskovsky Avenue – a requirement of UEFA?

«UEFA is committed to sustainable development and protection of the environment». Everywhere except Ukraine?

"Под Евро" на стадионе ХТЗ срубили 25 деревьев

52 страны против рубок для Евро 2012. Сбор подписей продолжается

"Нет рубкам перед Евро!": сбор подписей

Московский будет тоже очищен от деревьев - как и проспект Гагарина?

Kharkiv has destroyed its ‘green shield’ for the good of the three days of the ‘big football’


Кампании общеукраинские


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