Moskovskiy Prospekt Ave. Day second. We are offered prospects of the full unloading of the city from trees.


The second day of the felling at Moskovskiy Prospekt Ave., Kharkiv. 7 trees were cut down ante meridiem. The person who introduced himself as officer of the Department for Construction and Road Facilities told that at Moskovskiy Prospekt Ave. total relieving of the traffic is being planned. Seems that chippermen thought this such a big deal to waive all approvals. Therefore, traditionally, all permits are still missing.

Such activity leaves no doubts that the trees of Moskovskiy Prospekt Ave. are to suffer the fate of their fellows from Prospekt Gagarina Ave.

The number of locals, ready to urge their claim for fresh air is, unfortunately, still dramatically low. Is the most verdured Kharkov avenue really destined to be turned into a scorching asphalt belly of hell?

Let us remind you the last-year’s kind of Moskovskiy Prospekt Ave:
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