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What was not destroyed by separatists will be destroyed by Swiss?

Kreydova flora — a branch of the Ukrainian steppe natural reserve is situated in the North of Donetsk Oblast. That is why it suffered heavily from Russian - Ukrainian war - back in 2014 a front line was right on its territory. Battles, which lasted which raged here for two months had left after 505 blast craters, 81 earthworks including trenches and ditches, 35.2 hectars of the territory is damaged by fires caused by explosions, 15 hectars of reserve is polluted, 200 pine Cretaceous trees are either destroyed by explosions or used to build defenses. Pine Cretaceous is known to exist since preglacial age and is included into Red Data Book.
Now the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) is about to destroy what was spared by the fighting.

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